Two “Guy” Books

It’s been a while since my last post, but I’ve got two books to talk about today:  Blood Brothers by S.A. Harazin and How Ya Like Me Now by Brendan Halpin.  Both of these books have guys as the main characters and are very easy and quick to read.

Blood Brothers is about Clay and Joey.  They’ve been best friends for years, but things have just changed for the worse.  Clay walked in on Joey suffering from drug-induced hallucinations.  Clay, who is a hospital orderly, immediately calls 911, and Joey is taken to the hospital.  The events that take place after this are both realistic and heartbreaking.  (Yes, I cried.)  This book does not sugarcoat what can really happen when people experiment with drugs.

On a lighter note (but not much lighter), How Ya Like Me Now is about two cousins, Alex and Eddie, who are suddenly roommates.  Eddie’s mom is now in rehab for drug abuse, so he is being sent to live with his aunt, uncle, and cousin in downtown Boston.  He’s also attending an experimental school that is run like a business.  (There is no principal, only a CEO.)  He is one of only a few white kids in the school.  Alex is also dealing with this change.  He is not really happy about the idea of making nice with his super-shy weirdo cousin.  As the story progresses, however, the cousins come to be friends, but how will they react when girls, grades, and the reappearance of Eddie’s mom get thrown into the picture.  Read How Ya Like Me Now to find out!

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