Girl of the Moment

My latest read (just finished about five minutes ago) is Lizabeth Zindel’s Girl of the Moment.  This story follows Lily during the summer before her senior year in high school.  She lands an internship with Sabrina Snow, the hottest young starlet in the world.  (As I was reading, I wondered if this was based on an actual person.  I have my own ideas about who it might be.)  Lily soon realizes that Sabrina is one of the most selfish people on the planet, but she still wants to do a good job so that Sabrina will write a recommendation letter for her college applications.  Chaos, paparazzi, hangers-on, and eager fans seem to surround Sabrina day and night.  Will Lily be able to handle this world?  Will it change her for better or worse?

Read Girl of the Moment to discover how one young woman braves the dog-eat-dog world of Young Hollywood.

By the way, I would say that this is definitely a “chick” book.  Guys beware!

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