Okay…now that I am out of my Twilight fog, I can will myself to read some other books.  I just finished Wake by Lisa McMann.  The book centers around Janie, a teen girl who is unwillingly pulled into the dreams of people around her.  I thought this was a really cool concept.  Janie first recognizes what’s happening when she’s eight, and she continues getting pulled into dreams through her teens.  Many of the dreams are the typical dreams we’ve all had–being in our underwear in a crowd of people, falling, drowning, and others that we just won’t mention here.  But it’s the nightmares that are the hardest for Janie.  She is terrified of these nightmares and her own special “gift.”  Janie eventually encounters a couple of people who help her to control and use her gift to her advantage, but the reader never really knows what kind of dream Janie will encounter next.

Wake is a really cool book for people who’ve always been curious about dreams.  Why do we dream?  Is it possible for others to become involved in our dreams?  What do our dreams mean?  Explore the possibilities with Lisa McMann’s Wake.  I also plan to pick up the sequel, Fade, as soon as it is released.  Happy reading (and dreaming)!

One comment on “Wake

  1. Noelle Andreasssen says:

    I enjoyed this book so much even though its not usually my level of reading. I was great in the simplistic style. I am MOST DEFINITELY going to pick up the sequel FADE.

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