The Missing Girl

Norma Fox Mazer’s The Missing Girl is kind of creepy.  It is the story of five sisters and a man that is obsessed with them.  Each chapter is a different character’s voice.  Most of the chapters are in the voices of the sisters, but some deal with the feelings of the man who likes to watch them.  It was weird to peer into the mind of a predator.  It’s not an experience I care to repeat.

As this book progresses, the reader can see that the man is becoming increasingly more bold in his interactions with the sisters, and it’s obvious that something bad is going to happen.  Well, something bad does happen.  (I’m not going to say what, but it is rather disturbing.)

The Missing Girl was an okay book, but it was hard for me to get into it at first, and the ending was a little too neat for my taste.

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