Mad Kestrel

My latest read is Mad Kestrel by Misty Massey (who just so happens to be a media clerk in Rock Hill).  This book is (more or less) about a female pirate named Kestrel.  (She’s almost like a female version of Jack Sparrow.)  Kestrel is no ordinary pirate, though; she can make magic.  When she whistles or sings, weird things happen.  Her parents died to prevent her from being taken by the Danisoba, mysterious beings who tear children with magical powers from their homes.  Since then, Kestrel has been on the run from these beings, and the water is her safe haven.

When her captain, Binns, is arrested, Kestrel must use her wits and her powers to save him.  She faces many enemies, even some among those she trusted, and she is aided by an unlikely source.  What will happen to Kestrel?  Who can she trust?  Can she find and rescue Binns without dying herself?  Read Mad Kestrel to find out!

This is an awesome book, and I was psyched to find out that the author is from my home state!  A must-read for people who like pirates (and who doesn’t like pirates)!

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