City of Bones

I’ve read Cassandra Clare’s City of Bones twice now, and I swear it’s just gotten better.  The following is a booktalk I just wrote to promote this book:

“‘I was proud of my work on you,’ he said slowly, looking at Clary. ‘So clean.  So perfect.  What you saw you would forget, even as you saw it.  No image of pixie or goblin or long-legged beastie would remain to trouble your blameless mortal sleep.  It was the way she wanted it.’

Clary’s voice was thin with tension.  ‘The way who wanted it?’

Magnus sighed, and at the touch of his breath, the fire-letters sifted away to glowing ash.  Finally he spoke—and though she was not surprised, though she had known exactly what he was going to say, still she felt the words like a blow against her heart.

‘Your mother,’ he said.”


            Clary Fray has always felt that something is missing in her life.  Maybe it has something to do with her father dying before she was born.  Then again…maybe not.

            After witnessing a murder at the Pandemonium Club, Clary is introduced to a world she never knew existed.  The murderers reveal themselves to be Shadowhunters, or demon killers.  Clary is disbelieving at first, but when her mother goes missing and she’s nearly killed by a demon, she quickly becomes a believer.

            Clary soon realizes that her mother is a former Shadowhunter and has been magically shielding her from this world her entire life.  Clary can now see vampires, werewolves, fairies, demons, and many other creatures.  She can see through glamours that hide true appearances.  She even discovers that she possesses some unique gifts herself.

            The Shadow World, of which Clary is now a part, is on the verge of war.  Valentine, a Shadowhunter gone bad who was believed to be dead, is back and wreaking havoc in his quest for the Mortal Cup, the vessel by which new Shadowhunters are made.  He must be stopped, and a motley group of teenagers figure they’re the ones to do it.  There’s Clary, who has just found out about her Shadowhunter heritage; Jace, the enigmatic Shadowhunter to whom Clary is mysteriously drawn; Isabella, a beautiful girl with a wicked whip; Alec, who harbors an intense dislike of Clary; and Simon, Clary’s normal friend, who has a not-so-secret crush on her.

            How can a group of teenagers stop the bad guy to end all bad guys?  And how can Clary learn to fight in a world she never knew existed?  Enter the Shadow World to unravel the mysteries in City of Bones by Cassandra Clare.

I hope you enjoy this booktalk.  It does not even begin to hint at how wonderful this book is.


Twilight movie!!!!

So, the new Twilight movie has been out since midnight on Friday (and I was there for the midnight show), and I have already seen it twice.  Yes, it is that good.  I LOVED it!  Although some things were changed, and some stuff was left out, I thought the movie stayed true to the book’s message.  No, it’s not as good as the book, but movies rarely are.  I thought Robert Pattinson was the perfect Edward, Kristen Stewart was an awesome Bella, and the supporting characters were great (particularly Nikki Reed as Rosalie and Billy Burke as Charlie). 

As my friends could tell you, I have always had a thing for Emmett.  That is even more true now that I have seen Kellan Lutz in the role.  He was HOT!  I love his little smirk and the sideways cap.  Emmett is my man!

Anyhoo, I love this movie, and anyone who has read Twilight should definitely see it.  Check out the soundtrack too.  It’s great, and the music is perfect when you need to scream/unwind on the way home from work or school.  Also, check out the cool Twilight merchandise at Hot Topic!