Twilight movie!!!!

So, the new Twilight movie has been out since midnight on Friday (and I was there for the midnight show), and I have already seen it twice.  Yes, it is that good.  I LOVED it!  Although some things were changed, and some stuff was left out, I thought the movie stayed true to the book’s message.  No, it’s not as good as the book, but movies rarely are.  I thought Robert Pattinson was the perfect Edward, Kristen Stewart was an awesome Bella, and the supporting characters were great (particularly Nikki Reed as Rosalie and Billy Burke as Charlie). 

As my friends could tell you, I have always had a thing for Emmett.  That is even more true now that I have seen Kellan Lutz in the role.  He was HOT!  I love his little smirk and the sideways cap.  Emmett is my man!

Anyhoo, I love this movie, and anyone who has read Twilight should definitely see it.  Check out the soundtrack too.  It’s great, and the music is perfect when you need to scream/unwind on the way home from work or school.  Also, check out the cool Twilight merchandise at Hot Topic!

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