The Silenced

Let me just say that I LOVED James DeVita’s The Silenced.  It is a futuristic tale of a dystopian world that Marena and her friends are trying to change.  There are obvious similarities to the resistance movements against the Nazi regime during World War II, and readers may find eerie connections to the world we live in today (and where we may be headed).  My booktalk for this gripping novel is below.  I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did.

       “The ZTs keep taking things away, and the more they take, the more they hope we’ll forget, so that one day there won’t be any remembering.  There will only be what they tell us.  But we have to remember.  And keep remembering.  No matter what they do to us.”


            In the not-so-distant future, the Zero Tolerance Party is in complete control.  Nearly everything is restricted, the country is surrounded by walls, and those who resist the government are met with prison or death.

            Marena is a prisoner in this world.  She is only allowed to go to the Youth Training Facility where children are taught only what the Zero Tolerance Party wants them to learn.  Kept under strict house arrest because of her mother’s resistance to the ZTs, Marena struggles to remember what life was like when her family was together and free.  She tries to write down what few memories she has, but that becomes increasingly difficult when owning paper becomes a criminal offense.

            Marena knows that the government is wrong, and she becomes determined to change things.  She draws inspiration from Sophie Scholl and her friends, a group of teenagers who resisted Hitler’s rule in Nazi Germany and called themselves the White Rose.  Marena gathers her friends and forms her own White Rose.  She is determined to change this dystopian world in which the simplest freedoms are no more.

            When the ZTs get wind that teenagers are organizing a rebellion against the government, Marena’s very existence is in jeopardy.  The ZTs will go to any lengths to suppress this resistance, and Marena must decide if she is willing to sacrifice everything for freedom.  Will she succeed, or will the Zero Tolerance Party crush Marena and the White Rose?  Read James DeVita’s The Silenced to learn the truth, and remember that “You have no right to be silent!

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