The Boxer and the Spy

Robert B. Parker’s The Boxer and the Spy begins with the death of unassuming high school student Jason Green.  His death is reported to be a steroid-induced suicide.  But fifteen-year-old budding boxer Terry Novak isn’t satisfied with that explanation.  He knows that Jason wasn’t the type to take steroids, so Terry and his friends begin their own investigation into what happened to Jason.

As Terry and company begin their investigations, it becomes clear that some people, including the school principal, the captain of the football team, and the lady running for mayor, don’t like the questions being asked.  Terry must decide whether or not the answers he seeks are really worth fighting for.

The Boxer and the Spy is an extremely quick read with very short chapters.  The book is engrossing, and the mystery of it all will keep the reader interested.  I would say this is a great “guy” book, but it has elements that appeal to both guys and gals.  It is especially relevant to the underdog or anyone who likes to see what happens to those who abuse their power.

I had not read any of Parker’s books prior to this one, but I now plan to remedy that situation.

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