Imaginary Enemy

Jane Venezuela White has an imaginary enemy.  His name is Bubba.  She blames all her troubles on him.  First of all, she blames him for saddling her with the name Jane Venezuela White.  (Who wouldn’t?)  Throughout her life, Bubba has always been there when she screws up.  When she caused her teacher to have an asthma attack?  Bubba’s fault.  When she got a crappy report card?  Again, Bubba’s fault.

Now, Jane knows that Bubba’s not really there.  She just writes letters to him to get her anger, sadness, whatever out so that she doesn’t have to bottle that junk up.  But things are about to happen that make Jane face up to her own actions and responsibilites.  Will she do it, or will she continue to blame everyone else?  And what will she do when Bubba starts writing her back?  Read Imaginary Enemy by Julie Gonzalez to find out!

Imaginary Enemy follows Jane from infancy through adolescence, and I was amazed at some of the stuff this girl got into through the years.  I was your basic good girl, so none of this stuff would have occurred to me.  (You’ll have to read the book to find out what I’m talking about, but some of I wouldn’t mind trying as I am a rather devious adult.)  I really enjoyed this book, and I don’t think it’s like most of the other young adult fiction out there.  This girl is not a really likable character for most of the book, so this is definitely not standard chick-lit fare.  It’s also funny (which is definitely a change from a lot of the depressing YA novels), a huge plus for me.  Definitely recommended for anyone who wants a light read that’s different from nearly everything else.

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