Hurricane Song

Paul Volponi’s Hurricane Song:  A Novel of New Orleans tells the story of Miles, his dad, and those who found “refuge” in the SuperDome during Hurricane Katrina.  Volponi paints a vivid picture of what life, and even death, was like during those days in the SuperDome.  Rival gangs terrorizing each other and the innocent people around them; people dying from lack of care, murder, and suicide; the stench of death and excrement enough to choke anyone; and hope reduced with each drop of rain and gust of wind.

Miles and his father must put aside all of their differences if they want to make it through this tragedy.  Are they strong enough?  Or will the storm outside destroy them along with everything else?  Read Hurricane Song:  A Novel of New Orleans by Paul Volponi to find out.

I’ve read some of Volponi’s other young adult novels (Rucker Park Setup, Black and White), and the language in those books was a bit too strong for my taste.  In Hurricane Song, however, I felt that he captured the setting and feeling of this period in history accurately.  This is probably my favorite of his books so far.

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