Black Box

Julie Schumacher’s Black Box is a great read for anyone who has suffered or knows someone who has suffered from depression.  The title refers to the black box on the labels of some medications which indicates that the person taking those medications should be monitored closely.  It is also a metaphorical phrase in this novel.  It represents depression with seemingly no way out.

Elena Lindt’s sister Dora has just been admitted to the psychiatric ward of Lorning Hospital.  Dora has been dealing with depression for a while (though her parents and Elena didn’t even realize what it was).  She seems to have lost herself.  She sleeps all the time, she doesn’t eat, she’s lost interest in nearly everything, and her family doesn’t really know what to do.  Elena knows that it’s her job to save her sister.  She’s always looked out for her sister.

Elena watches over her sister.  She writes her notes when Dora’s at Lorning, and when she comes home, Elena keeps close tabs on what is happening with her sister.  Every time Dora has a relapse, Elena feels partly to blame.  When Dora tries to end things for good and must be sent to a treatment facility, Elena does not know what she could have done.  Even her parents seem to blame her for what has happened to Dora.  What was she supposed to do?  And how can she be responsible for the actions of her older sister?  Are things ever going to get better?

Read Black Box for a gripping story of what one young lady  goes through when her sister is suffering from depression and how she copes with her new and terrifying world.

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