Zombie Blondes

I don’t know why I continue to read books that are probably going to give me nightmares, but I do.  My latest nightmare-inducing read is Zombie Blondes by Brian James.  I know the word “zombie” in the title should have tipped me off, but the book’s cover (what looks like a Barbie looking blankly at the reader) led me to mistakenly believe that I would be reading a funny-ish story on a town where all the popular, stick-thin, blue-eyed blondes were zombies.  (It kind of made sense to me, and I began to wonder if someone I knew who shall remain nameless was in fact a zombie).  Well, this story wasn’t funny, but all that other stuff was true.

Hannah and her father have just moved to Maplecrest, and it soon becomes clear that there’s something weird about this town.  There seems to be an over-abundance of For Sale signs in front of the homes around town, and the entire community is obsessed with the football team and the cheerleading squad.  The members of these two organizations are all popular, gorgeous, blue-eyed blondes.  Hannah doesn’t really think anything of it until she meets Lukas, an outsider who tells her that all of these people are zombies.

Hannah discounts Lukas as a freak, but he’s the only person who bothers to talk to her, at least until she decides to try out for the cheerleading squad.  After all, he’s probably just jealous of all these popular kids.  There can’t be any truth to his stories, right?  Hannah soon discovers that the price of popularity can be way too high to pay.  Is she willing to pay it?  Does she have any choice?  Are all the popular kids really zombies?  Why do people seem to disappear without anyone caring?  I’ll let you figure it out for yourselves…

Although I kind of liked this book, it was a little on the scary side for me.  (I’m a wuss.)  Also, the ending was not nice and neat.  Far from it.  Perhaps we’ll see more of Hannah and the mysterious town of Maplecrest in the future.  Read Zombie Blondes by Brian James and think about the popular kids you know…maybe they’re not kids at all.

2 comments on “Zombie Blondes

  1. Brian James says:

    Thanks for the review…sorry about the nightmares.

    Brian James

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