Pretty Face

After reading Mary Hogan’s Pretty Face, I really want to go to Italy.  She described the region of Umbria (and the food) with such detail that I felt like I was there.  Someday I hope to be.

Hayley is a big girl, and that’s rather difficult when you live in the appearance-obsessed Southern California world she does.  It’s not uncommon for her classmates to be out of school because they’re getting plastic surgery.  Hayley just doesn’t fit it.  It doesn’t help matters that the guy she likes has a thing for her best friend, and her mom is constantly harping at her about her weight.  Hayley’s mom even bought her a talking scale.  (I’m a big girl myself, and I know I could really do without an auditory reminder of how thin I’m not.)

Things are looking up this summer, though.  Her parents have decided to send Hayley to Italy for the summer.  She will be staying with her mom’s college roommate, Patrice, and her family.  When Hayley gets to Italy, she is overwhelmed by how things are different from her own world in Santa Monica.  Things move at a slower pace, no one worries about their waistlines, and everyone seems to be truly happy.  She loves the family she is staying with, and she eventually meets someone who makes her forget about her crush back home.  More importantly, she comes to love herself and be truly happy with her own body.

I have to say that Pretty Face was really inspiring.  As someone who has struggled with food and weight for many years, I enjoyed reading about someone who learned how to deal with those issues on her own terms.  I highly recommend this book to anyone with body image and food issues or those who just want a light summer read.  Enjoy!

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