The Comet’s Curse

Well, thanks to the network being down at school today, I have my second post of the day.  (Honestly, I enjoy it when the network is down.  It’s so quiet, and I get A LOT of reading done.)  Here goes…

I have found a new series to love.  By now it should be fairly obvious that I’m into science fiction and fantasy.  (Reality’s not really my thing.)  My latest read falls firmly into the science fiction category, and I thoroughly enjoy it.  It’s Dom Testa’s The Comet’s Curse, the first book in a new series about 251 teenagers charged with saving mankind.  Anyone who works with teenagers should be able to tell you that this concept is most definitely science FICTION, but it’s an awesome read.

After the tail of a comet goes through Earth’s atmosphere, things begin to get weird.  People over the age of 18 begin getting sick and dying.  The sickness is not localized to one region, and people have differing symptoms.  Eventually, scientists discover that a deadly disease was transmitted into Earth’s atmosphere in the tail of the comet.  No one knows why young people are not becoming ill, and no one seems to be able to find a cure.

With humanity slowly dying away, an innovative man, Dr. Zimmer, comes up with the idea to select the best and brightest young people and send them on a giant spaceship to another planet similar to Earth.  He sees this as the only way to save the human race.  And he may be right.  With this brilliant idea, Galahad is born.  Galahad is a ginormous spaceship which houses 251 teenagers, agricultural domes, super-secret storage units, a soccer field, an airboarding arena, a kind of snarky super computer, and enough resources to sustain the teenage crew for five years on the ship and through their settlement on their new planet.

Seems kind of simple, right?  No?  Well, you’re right.  It’s not that simple.  See, someone has apparently stowed away on this vessel.  This unknown entity wants to stop the crew and destroy the work it’s trying to accomplish.  It’s up to a bunch of teenagers to stop this person before this entire mission goes kaput.

Of course, I’m not going to tell you what happens, but I will say that I’m eagerly anticipating the second book in the Galahad series, The Web of Titan.

Now, I must go escape into more wonderful weirdness.  Lost comes on in about fifteen minutes.

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