Bones of Faerie

In Janni Lee Simner’s debut young adult novel, Bones of Faerie, the world has been virtually destroyed in a war between humans and faeries.  Liza, a fifteen-year-old girl, lives in this world with her abusive father.  She has been taught from birth that magic destroys everything.  Plants are feared as killers, and any children born with magic are taken to the woods to die, including Liza’s sister.  Following this tragic event, Liza’s mother disappears, and her father has no intention of going to look for her.

Liza knows she must do something, especially when she discovers her own magic and realizes that most of the children in her town have some magical abilities and have kept them hidden.  Along with her friend Matthew (who is a shapeshifter), Liza goes looking for her mother.  On the way, she encounters people who have their own magic and can control it.  She realizes that magic has the power to heal as well as destroy.

Liza must go on an arduous journey to find her mother and bring her back to the human world.  Will she succeed?  You tell me.

As many know, I’m a fan of fantasy.  That being said, this book was not one of my favorites.  It just didn’t feel fully developed to me.  Maybe that will come with further books (if there are any).  I think if you want some great fantasy with an intricate plot and fully-realized characters, you’ll get more bang for your buck with Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments trilogy.

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