Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince: Thoughts on the movie

After seeing Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince twice, I think I’m now ready to offer my thoughts on the movie.  As one would expect, it is nowhere near as good as the book (but movies seldom are).  That being said, the movie was quite good.  The actors were absolutely phenomenal.  If you’ve followed these characters from the first movie, it is easy to see how much the young actors have grown into their roles.  Ron (played by Rupert Grint) was particularly fun to watch, and Draco (Tom Felton) played the part of a torn individual beautifully.  I also enjoyed seeing Daniel Radcliffe bring a new light-heartedness to his portrayal of Harry Potter.

There were, however, some things about the movie I didn’t like.  I thought way too much time was spent on the lovey-dovey stuff at the expense of more important things.  I thought the movie could have paid at least some attention to Tom Riddle’s parentage as this was a significant part of the book.  The scene at the cave seemed to be missing something, and the battle at Hogwarts was completely left out.  Maybe I’m being picky and expecting too much out of a 2.5 hour movie, but I thought some of these things could have been handled better. 

(I also didn’t like how the relationship between Tonks and Lupin was handled.  I know I said too much time was spent on the lovey-dovey stuff, but those two struggled to be together, and the movie just asked us to accept that they were a couple with no evidence from previous movies to support it.  People who’ve read all the books know that they’re going to end up together, but those who have only seen the movies have no reference for this.)

I think this movie is definitely worth seeing, but I strongly recommend reading all of the Harry Potter books first.  (I really don’t know why you’d even see the movies if you hadn’t read the books anyway.)  The books are much more detailed, and they explain many things that all of the movies simply gloss over.


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