Night Road

In my school library, it is not usually difficult to get students to read books about vampires.  I don’t know what the appeal is, but I must admit that I fall prey to it as well.  I’m obsessed with Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Saga, I love Anne Rice’s vampire stories, and Simon in Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments series is one of my favorite characters.  All of these stories tend to have a certain degree of romance and danger, and that is a heady combination for some readers, particularly females.  While some of my male readers enjoy these series as well, a lot of them could do without all the mushy stuff, and Night Road by A.M. Jenkins may be just what they’re looking for.  It is a vampire story, but there is almost no romance–just three guys on the road trying to survive.

Now, in this story, the characters cannot really be called vampires.  They are hemovores, or beings who feed exclusively on blood.  They don’t really have much resemblance to the vampires of Hollywood.  They’re not all beautiful, they can’t control people’s minds, they don’t turn into bats, and, sadly, their skin does not sparkle.  They do, however, have an aversion to sunlight.  It burns their skin to ribbons and boils their brains.  Sunlight bad.

Cole is a hemovore who has been wandering for over a century.  He never settles in one spot, and, after a disastrous incident in his youth, he keeps an iron control over himself and his surroundings.  He has been summoned to the Building by the head of the Colony.  Cole is charged with the task of training a new heme, Gordon, who is still attached to his old life.  Cole, Gordon, and another heme, Sandor, hit the road as instruction begins.  Cole thinks Gordon just needs a clean break with the past and to learn some discipline.  He believes control will fix everything.  But what will happen when things don’t go according to Cole’s plans?  Gordon is determined to “live” on his own terms.  Cole and Sandor must convince him otherwise while trying to deal with yet another threat in the darkness.  What will happen?  Find out as you journey down the Night Road.

2 comments on “Night Road

  1. modestonfire says:

    I love stumbling on blogs like this, where I find opinions on new books i haven’t read. Since Stephenie Meyer, and Cassandra Clare are my fave YA authors, I trust your judgment, and have added some of your choices to my must read list. Thanks!

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