No More Us For You

David Hernandez’ No More Us For You is a quick read with a lot of punch.  The voices of the two main characters, Carlos and Isabel, alternate to tell a story of how two people connect and how those connections change their lives forever.

Carlos is a typical seventeen-year-old who likes red licorice, hanging out with his weird friends, and spending time with his girlfriend, Mira.  He also works as a guard at a contemporary art museum.  It is here that he meets Vanessa.  When Carlos finds out that Mira is cheating on him, Vanessa decides to introduce him to her new friend, Isabel.

Isabel is also a typical seventeen-year-old, but she’s been spending the past year grieving over the sudden death of her boyfriend, Gabriel.  Even though she’s still obsessed with death, she knows she needs to start really living again.  The new girl in school, Vanessa, thinks Isabel would hit it off with her co-worker, Carlos.

The two teens meet, and they have instant chemistry.  Tragedy, however, soon strikes, and it may be powerful enough to shatter their worlds completely.  Will they fall apart, or will the pain they’ve shared bring them closer together?  Read No More Us For You by David Hernandez to find out.

This was a very easy, quick read that will appeal to both male and female readers.  I did have some concerns about the characters’ nonchalance about alcohol and skipping class, but those issues did not detract from the story and the intertwined lives of the two main characters.

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