Audrey, Wait!

Greetings, dear readers!  (Please note the cheerful tone of this post.  I’ve been a good mood for an entire week, which I’m sure is some kind of record for me.)  My latest read in Robin Benway’s Audrey, Wait!  This is a great book, especially if you follow “indie” music at all.  Each chapter begins with a line from a song that most people my age have never heard of.  (Thankfully, I am not like most people my age.)  Some of the bands mentioned include:  Cowboy Junkies, The Velvet Underground, Radiohead (Yay!), R.E.M., Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and many, many others.  This alone gave me an inkling that I would like this book.

Audrey’s life has just been turned upside down.  She broke up with her musician boyfriend Evan, and he decided to write a song about it.  The next thing she knows, the song, Audrey, Wait!, is a hit, and her life will never be the same.  She’s being hounded by the press and the paparazzi, people she’s never met want to be her friend, and her name is known worldwide.  At school, she has to do all of her work in the office because her new–and unwanted–fame has caused all kinds of distractions.  Other bands think of her as a muse, and want to use her to jumpstart their own careers.  It’s a mess.

Audrey doesn’t really know what to do about this new stuff in her life.  She never asked for any of it.  Some people, like her best friend Victoria, think she should take advantage of all this fame while she can.  Others, like her new boyfriend James and her parents, just want life to return to normal.  But normal may be a thing of the past in Audrey’s world.

Read Audrey, Wait! to see what one music-obsessed, sarcastic-to-the-core, sixteen-year-old girl will do about the fame she never wanted.  Will she embrace it like so many others before her?  Or will she find a way to be normal again?  Is normal even possible?  I’ll leave it for you to figure out.  Enjoy!

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