The Last Olympian

Well, I’ve finally finished The Last Olympian, the fifth and final book in Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson & the Olympians series.  It took me a while to finish this one, partly because I didn’t want the series to be over and partly because I was scared of what would happen.  Things didn’t unfold the way I expected, but that made the story even richer.

In The Last Olympian, Percy Jackson is about to turn sixteen.  For most kids, this might not be a big deal, but Percy is dealing with a prophecy saying that he’ll either save or destroy the world on his sixteenth birthday.  No pressure.  He’s facing war with the dreaded Titan lord Kronos, and the gods are battling the vicious monster Typhon, who is storming his way toward Mount Olympus.  The situation seems hopeless most of the time, but Percy has faith that good will triumph over evil.

Percy and his friends know that the fate of Western Civilization rests in their young hands.  Are they strong enough to battle the Titans and their powerful armies of monsters?  Will hope survive against all odds?  And just who is the last Olympian?  Read The Last Olympian to find out if a bunch of half-blood teenagers can save the world.

(By the way, when I read the acknowledgements at the end of the book, Rick Riordan indicated that this was the first Camp Half-Blood series.  You know what that means, readers.  More fun with Greek mythology is on the way!  Also, don’t forget The Lightning Thief will hit theaters on February 12th.  Don’t miss it!)

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