The Lightning Thief – Movie reaction

I had such high hopes for the movie adaptation of Rick Riordan’s The Lightning Thief. I knew that, if the powers that be stuck to the book, there would be a lot of happy book nerds out there who would love this movie. Unfortunately, that’s not what happened.

As I was in the theater watching this movie, I kept saying to myself, “That didn’t happen in the book,” or “Why did they leave this out?” or “Why was that changed?” It was almost like my Watchmen experience all over again. (If you didn’t already know, the movie adaptation of Watchmen is an absolute mockery of the wonderful graphic novel by Alan Moore.) Okay, maybe it wasn’t that bad, but this still wasn’t what I’d call a happy movie-going experience.

If I hadn’t read the entire Percy Jackson & the Olympians series, I may have enjoyed the movie more, but true fans of the series will be upset that so much was changed. Were there some things that were true to the book? Yes. There were also some kick-butt special effects in this movie, but the negatives, in my opinion, outweighed the positives by a lot.

I don’t know if Hollywood has the sequels to The Lightning Thief in the works. If they do, I would highly recommend sticking to the amazing stories written by Rick Riordan. They don’t need to be changed.

Just my two cents…

3 comments on “The Lightning Thief – Movie reaction

  1. greek-letter-a says:

    Totally agree with u!!!
    They really need to stick to the storie in the future.
    I had to pay myslef to go watch it and was dissapointed. The series is BEAST though.

  2. deirylou says:

    actually i agree 100%

  3. jaime ramos says:

    totally i agree becouse i do my project about that

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