Confessions of a Triple Shot Betty

As some may know, I am a sucker for Shakespeare.  I especially love his comedies.  I just finished reading a modern take on one of my favorites, Much Ado About Nothing.  The book is Confessions of a Triple Shot Betty.  At first glance, readers will notice the hot pink cover and think it’s the same old chick lit.  Not so.  Jody Gehrman’s story takes Shakespeare’s timeless work, puts a new spin on it, and hilarity ensues.  I seriously laughed out loud when reading this book (and I was in the waiting room of a doctor’s office at the time, so that was kind of weird).

Geena, her best friend Amber, and and her cousin Hero are working at the Triple Shot Betty coffee shop this summer.  Geena envisions a lovely summer full of girl talk and painting toenails.  Alas, this is not to be.  Amber and Hero appear to hate each other on sight.  Things don’t get any better when a bunch of hot guys are thrown into the mix.  Amber is in love with local scoundrel, John.  John wants Hero.  (By the way, yes, Hero is a girl.)  Hero thinks John is a jerk, and she wants to be with Claudio, the new Italian guy in town.  Geena thinks they’re all crazy until she gets involved in a lovey-dovey drama herself with her school rival Ben.

When Hero rejects John the jerk at a party, the chaos really goes into overdrive.  He seeks revenge in a truly hideous and public manner, and everybody gets ticked at everybody else.  Geena is determined that he must pay, and she’ll do everything she can to see that it happens.  (Yay for teenage girls who refuse to take crap from moronic boys!)  What will happen to Geena and her sister Bettys?  Will John get what’s coming to him, or will he weasel his way out of yet another fiasco?  Read Confessions of a Triple Shot Betty to find out.

If you like this book and want more hi-jinks, check out Jody Gehrman’s Triple Shot Bettys in Love.  That’s the next “light” book on my reading list!

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