Triple Shot Bettys in Love

Last night, I finished Triple Shot Bettys in Love, the sequel to Jody Gehrman’s Confessions of a Triple Shot Betty.  Although I didn’t enjoy it quite as much as the first book, Triple Shot Bettys in Love was still a quick, fun read with a connection to a classic piece of literature–Cyrano de Bergerac.

Geena Sloane has been dating Ben, her first boyfriend, for five months, and she’s still not comfortable being someone’s “girlfriend.”  She’s a skater girl, a barista at Triple Shot Betty, and super-smart, but she doesn’t see herself as girlfriend material.  Ben disagrees, and he’s sort of putting the pressure on to be more physical than Geena would like.  Things get a bit more complicated when Ben’s former flame and perfect girl, Sophie, moves back to Sonoma and sets her sights on Ben.

As if Geena didn’t have enough to worry about, her best friend Amber has decided that she’s in love with Geena’s new English teacher.  Amber enlists Geena’s help to get to know Mr. Sands.  The two girls create a fake MySpace page for Amber saying she’s twenty-one, a college student at Brown, and is majoring in literature.  In reality, Amber is sixteen, she’s flunking most of her high school classes, and she has an obsession with tattoos and graphic novels.  Well, Mr. Sands buys into the ruse, and Amber and Geena have to keep it going, but is he interested in Amber or the messages written by Geena?  And what will he do when he discovers he’s being seduced by a couple of teenage girls?

It seems that life can never be simple for Geena Sloane.  Boyfriend issues, conspiring with her best friend to woo her teacher, walking in on her mom and her new boyfriend (EEEWWWW!!!), and a bunch of other stuff keep things interesting for Geena.  Check out Triple Shot Bettys in Love to join the insanity!

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