I just finished reading Ruined by Paula Morris, and I’m still somewhat shaken by how events unfolded in the book.  In some ways, I kind of saw how everything was going to end up.  In others, though, the author threw me a few curveballs.  I can’t say that I was happy with the ending because I really want to know more about how things ended up for the main character and how the events at the end of the book were covered up.  All that being said, Ruined is definitely a good mystery/ghost story.  The setting of New Orleans makes the story even more vivid and believable.

Rebecca Brown is being forced to temporarily move to New Orleans while her father is in China on business.  As a New Yorker, Rebecca feels extremely out of place in New Orleans.  She is living with her aunt, an eccentric lady who reads tarot cards in the French Quarter.  Rebecca is also attending a new school where outsiders are looked down upon, and Rebecca is the very definition of an outsider.  The super-rich girls, part of New Orleans royalty, make no secret of the fact that they see Rebecca as a nobody.

Rebecca doesn’t really have a friend in the world.  Until one night when she loses her way in Lafayette Cemetery.  It is here that Rebecca meets Lisette.  At first, Rebecca thinks that Lisette is a homeless girl displaced by Hurricane Katrina.  She later realizes, however, that Lisette is a ghost, and Rebecca is one of the very few people who can see her.  Why can Rebecca see her?  The answer is a mysterious secret of this wealthy neighborhood and one that no one seems to want to speak of.

As Rebecca learns more and grows closer to Lisette and the local golden boy, Anton, secrets begin to unravel.  Rebecca realizes that her own future is tied to a dark curse.  How is it possible that she has any ties to any of these secrets?  She’s from New York and has no connection to anything that’s been going on.  Or does she?  Read Ruined by Paula Morris to find out if Rebecca will figure out the truth before her life as she knows it is in ruins.

Like I said, Ruined is a great mystery.  The author definitely kept me on the edge of my seat and eager to turn the page.  I love books like that.

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