Prophecy of the Sisters

Well, judging a book by its cover has finally gotten me into trouble.  I picked up Prophecy of the Sisters by Michelle Zink because I thought the cover was cool.  I read the book jacket and thought the story was intriguing.  An ancient prophecy and twin sisters, one good and one evil…I was hooked.  As I got into the story, however, I was less and less intrigued.  I was able to predict a lot of the major story elements.  A few surprises may have been nice.  Also, I didn’t find out until a couple of minutes ago that this was the first book in a trilogy.  While it did explain the total lack of resolution at the end of this book, that information would have been helpful at the start of the book.  I probably wouldn’t have picked the book up if I had known I would be starting a new series.  Oh well…live and learn.

Prophecy of the Sisters begins with a death.  Twin sisters Lia and Alice Milthorpe have become orphans after the death of their father.  Events such as this often bring siblings together, but Lia and Alice seem to be growing apart.  Lia is even afraid of Alice much of the time.  The reason for this fear and the twins’ differences is soon made clear–an ancient prophecy which involves the sisters.  One sister is the Guardian of this world, and the other is the Gate by which the Beast and his minions can enter the world and wreak havoc for eternity.  (Like I said, this is a pretty cool premise.)

Lia is certain of her role, and she works to reveal the details of the prophecy and her place in it.  But what will she do when she discovers that her role is not as clear as she had assumed?  Can she fight what she was born to be?  Is her sister truly one to be feared, or can Lia find some way to reach Alice?  Nothing is as it seems in this first book in the Prophecy of the Sisters trilogy.

Even though I was not impressed with Prophecy of the Sisters, I will probably still read book two, Guardian of the Gate, released on August 1st.  I’m just curious enough to want to know how the story progresses.  I have high hopes that the second installment will be much better than the first since we’ve gotten a lot of the character introductions out of the way.  Here’s hoping.

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