Glass Houses

A couple of weeks ago, I was riding to a meeting with my friend Jennifer, and she suggested I check out Rachel Caine’s Morganville Vampires series.  To be perfectly honest, I was a bit hesitant to start another vampire series, but, when Jennifer put the first two books in my school mailbox, I decided to give the first one a whirl.  Now, all I have to say is, “Thank you, Jennifer!”  I just finished the first book, Glass Houses, and I am hooked.  Being the dedicated book nerd that I am, I plan to order each book in the series.  (There are eight so far, and I think the ninth comes out in October.)  As soon as I finish this post, I plan to start reading book two, The Dead Girls’ Dance.

In Glass Houses, we meet sixteen-year-old Claire Danvers.  Claire is a genius and should be going to school at MIT or Caltech, but her parents don’t think she’s quite ready for that yet.  So they enroll her at TPU (Texas Prairie University) in Morganville, Texas.  Almost immediately, Claire becomes a target of some of the meanest you-know-whats on the planet.  The head mean girl, Monica, seems to literally want to kill Claire.  Claire is afraid for her life and knows that she can’t stay in the dorms any more.  Everyone there is either afraid of Monica or is one of her henchmen (henchwomen?).  So Claire decides to move off-campus, and her first (and seemingly only) option, is the Glass House.

The Glass House is one of the oldest in Morganville.  It is described as a cross between Gone with the Wind and The Munsters.  As soon as Claire sees the house, she decides that’s an accurate description.  Three people already live in the house.  First, there’s Eve–a goth chic who is obsessed with death and works at the nearby coffee shop.  Then, we’ve got Shane–a muscular guy who likes to eat, date, and play video games.  Finally, there’s Michael–the house’s mysterious owner who only shows up at night.  Even though both Claire and the residents of the Glass House are hesitant about living together, they decide to give it a go.  And it’s a good thing that Claire has found this place because Monica is more determined than ever that Claire needs to die.

Monica, however, might be the least of Claire’s worries.  As it turns out, Morganville is home to a bunch of vampires, and not the sparkly kind.  They run the town, and anyone not under their protection is fair game (and I mean “game” literally).  Claire has somehow gotten on the wrong side of the town’s vampires and their friends.  (Did I mention that Monica happens to “date” one of the vamps?  No?  My bad.)  Now, her life is in danger, and she’s unwittingly dragged her new roommates into the fray.  But Eve, Shane, and Michael have their own issues with the vampires and their buddies, and they join Claire in a fight to save themselves and the Glass House without losing their lives.  Will they succeed, or will one (or all) of them become one of the monsters they’re trying to fight?  Read Glass Houses to find out (maybe).

If this post has sparked your interest, and you would like to know more about The Morganville Vampires and Rachel Caine, visit  Now I’m off to read book two!

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