Dirty Little Secrets

It is with a sense of relief that I have finished my latest read, Dirty Little Secrets by C.J. Omololu.  First of all, while I’ve been reading, I’ve had the song Dirty Little Secret by the All-American Rejects stuck in my head.  While I like the song, I don’t want to hear it on a seemingly endless loop.  Also, the book’s subject matter, hoarding, has made me want to deep clean my house.  I can’t even watch the A&E show, Hoarders, because I can’t seem to quell the urge to disinfect things after seeing how these people live.  Anyhoo…after I finish this post, I plan to clean a little, listen to some music to replace the song repeating in my head, and move on to my next book.

In Dirty Little Secrets, Lucy is hiding the dirtiest of secrets.  Her mother is a compulsive hoarder, and the piles of garbage have overrun their home.  Her siblings have done their time in the house, and her father has a new family, so it’s just Lucy, her mother, and piles and piles of junk.  Lucy can’t have friends over because she can’t risk the fallout from people discovering how she lives.  The garbage in her house has spilled into her life, and Lucy is simply counting the days until she graduates and can finally leave.

One morning, Lucy makes a gruesome discovery.  Her mother is dead.  Lucy can already see what will happen if she allows paramedics to see how her mother lived and died.  The media will be disgusted yet fascinated by the girl whose mother died in a house full of garbage.  Lucy will lose her new friends when they discover how she’s been living.  All of her carefully guarded secrets will become fodder for the public.  Lucy knows she must take drastic actions to keep her family’s secrets, but what can she do?  How can she get rid of years of accumulated filth and junk?  How can she possibly let people see the wreck her mother allowed their lives to become?  Is there anyone she can turn to?  Read Dirty Little Secrets by C.J. Omololu to see how far one girl will go to protect her mother’s dirtiest secret.

While this book was quite the downer, I think it highlighted an issue that many children face.  Hoarding is a serious problem, and the children of hoarders are victims of their parents’ disorders.  To learn more about Dirty Little Secrets, C.J. Omololu, and to find information on compulsive hoarding, visit http://cjomololu.com/.

Now, I must clean!

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