Claire de Lune

When I began reading Claire de Lune by Christine Johnson a couple of days ago, I had pretty high hopes.  First of all, the book’s title is based on one of my favorite pieces of music, Debussy’s Clair de Lune.  (In a previous life, I was a music major, so music is near and dear to my heart.)  Secondly, the book is about a pack of female werewolves.  Who doesn’t love werewolves?  (Well, vampires don’t, but that’s a whole other story.)  Anyhoo, I went into this book thinking I was in for a treat, and at some points, I was right.  On the whole, though, I thought the book was a bit predictable, and things ended a bit too neatly for my tastes.  Others may disagree, and that’s okay.  In fact, I urge you to read this book for yourselves.  Am I wrong?  (It doesn’t happen often, but it has occurred a couple of times.)  Let me know what you think when you’ve read this book.

In Claire de Lune, Claire is about to discover that her mother has been hiding some monstrous secrets.  On Claire’s sixteenth birthday, she notices some weird changes–her skin feels too small for her body, and she’s sprouting hair on her hands and ears.  What is going on?  Her mother later informs her that she is a werewolf, as are all the females in her family.  Claire will fully claim her birthright within three full moons.

The fun doesn’t end there folks.  A rogue werewolf is terrorizing Claire’s town, and there’s a “mad scientist,” for lack of a better phrase, that thinks he’s found the “cure” for werewolves, and he’s on a rabid hunt to find the rogue who’s killing people in the town.  Not enough surprises for you?  Well, here’s one more.  Claire is dating the mad scientist’s son.  If she lets just one thing slip, she runs the risk of exposing herself and her entire pack.

Will the rogue werewolf ever be caught?  Who is she?  Can Claire hope to keep the secrets of the pack or will she endanger all of their lives?  Will she ever get to have a “normal” life?  Answer these questions and more when you read Claire de Lune by Christine Johnson.

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