I don’t even know where to begin when it comes to my latest read, Fire by Kristin Cashore.  This is a companion book to Graceling (which I’ve posted on previously).  I’m still trying to decide if Fire is Graceling‘s equal or if this book surpasses its predecessor.  At any rate, Fire is awesome, and I eagerly anticipate the third book in this series.

Fire is a human monster.  She looks like most of the humans around her except for her hair the color of flame.  People are entranced by her incredible beauty and afraid of the power she can weild over their minds.  Unlike her wicked father Cansrel, Fire is unwilling to use her power against those around her.  She shields herself from the outside world, has few friends, and guards her secrets with an iron will.

It is a time of unrest in the Dells.  Neighboring kingdoms seek to overthrow young King Nash, and it becomes clear that Fire’s abilities can be used for or against the Dellian royal family.  At first, Fire resists tapping into her power to uncover the secrets of those who would wish to bring war to the Dells, but it soon becomes clear that Fire is needed, especially when so many people are losing control of their own minds.

Fire becomes an integral part of the royal family’s work against its enemies.  As she grows accustomed to life in King City, she also grows closer to Prince Brigan, the commander of the King’s army.  She knows a relationship between them is doomed–she is a monster, and he is sure to die in battle–but the two are somehow connected by this war that has brought them together.

There are many secrets to uncover, some of which may just tear these two young lovers apart.  Can they be together against all odds?  What will happen when war comes to the Dells?  Who is controlling the minds that Fire encounters, and can Fire stop this mysterious being?  Is there any hope for Fire to have a normal life?  Read Fire for the answers and to discover that there’s more than one way to be a monster.

If you’ve read Graceling, there is one character in common, and that will be very clear in Fire‘s prologue (which is just short of terrifying).  I cannot wait for book three in this series (tentatively titled Bitterblue), but it seems I will have to be patient.  It is not yet known when this book will be published.  Sigh.

For more information on Graceling, Fire, and author Kristin Cashore, visit

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