Jessica’s Guide to Dating on the Dark Side

Thanks to an incovenient bout of insomnia, I’ve gotten a lot of reading done lately.  (Weirdly, nearly all of the books involve vampires.  Maybe the subject matter is keeping me from sleeping at night…or I’m turning into a vampire.  I’ll keep you posted.)  Well, my latest read is Beth Fantaskey’s Jessica’s Guide to Dating on the Dark Side.  As you may have surmised, this is yet another vampire tale.  Unlike some others that take a little while to get into, this one hooked me from the very first page.  I LOVED it!  There’s just so much angst in this book (and many, many allusions to classic pieces of literature…many of them also filled with angst).  It’s a really great read for literature nerds who like vampires.

Jessica Packwood lives on a small farm in rural Pennsylvania.  Her life has always been a bit drab, but things are about to change.  There’s a stranger in town who is about to turn her entire world upside down.  For Lucius Vladescu is not just any stranger; he’s a vampire prince and claims to be Jessica’s betrothed.  It should go without saying that Jessica’s a little resistant to this news.  Yes, she knows she was adopted in Romania and that her birth parents had some odd cultural beliefs, but she can’t possibly believe she’s a vampire princess and engaged to a guy she’s never met.  Can she?

Well, it turns out, all that stuff is true, and Jessica, or Antanasia as she’s known in vampire circles, must embrace her destiny to prevent war among vampire clans.  She’s just having a little trouble accepting all of this stuff.  It really doesn’t help that she’s strangely drawn to Lucius and beginning to crave blood.  And it seems the closer she gets to admitting the truth to herself, the farther Lucius slips from her.  You see, Lucius has been raised to believe he has no choice in his destiny, but his time with Jessica and other American teens has made him value the preciousness of choosing one’s own destiny.

Jessica has accepted her fate, but now Lucius is the one unwilling to unite their vampire families.  Why?  Does he really have no feelings for Jessica?  Or is there some larger, perhaps more sinister, plan at work?  What will become of Jessica and Lucius when the ruthless vampire elders decide to intervene?  Can these two crazy kids possibly work things out, or are they doomed to destroy each other?  Read Jessica’s Guide to Dating on the Dark Side to find out.

Like I said before, I loved this book.  It was a fast read and kept me captivated the whole way through.  The story is continued on Beth Fantaskey’s webpage,, and, as soon as I can stand to sit in front of a computer that long, I plan to read it.  For now, though, I’m going to move on to Beth Fantaskey’s next novel, Jekel Loves Hyde.  Happy reading!

One comment on “Jessica’s Guide to Dating on the Dark Side

  1. Sherry Wein says:

    Somehow I missed this whole vampire craze. Need to catch up on my reading!

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