Clockwork Angel

So, I’ve finally finished reading the first book in Cassandra Clare’s prequel trilogy to the Mortal Instruments series.  The prequel trilogy is referred to as The Infernal Devices, and book one is Clockwork Angel.  I’ve been looking forward to this book for quite some time since I am a huge fan of the Mortal Instruments series.  I was not disappointed.  Clockwork Angel was just as action-packed as any of the books in the Mortal Instruments series.  I was invested in the characters, Clare’s attention to detail again amazed me, and I was bummed when the book ended.  I am eagerly anticipating the next book in this awesome series, as well as any other book that Clare publishes (and that includes City of Fallen Angels, released April 5, 2011).

Clockwork Angel takes readers on a journey to Victorian London.  Tessa Gray has just arrived from America to look for her brother, Nate.  He has disappeared, and she just knows that something bad has happened to him.  (She’s not wrong.)  Almost immediately, Tessa is spirited away by the Dark Sisters.  These two creepy women force Tessa to face what she truly is if she ever wishes to see her brother again.  And what is Tessa?  No one really knows, but it seems she has the power to transform into another person.  Tessa did not realize she had this power, and she does not know how it relates to her parents, her brother, or what is happening to her now.

Just when Tessa is ready to give up all hope, she is rescued and taken in by a group of Shadowhunters, or demon killers.  These fierce warriors agree to help her find her brother if she will use her newly discovered ability to help them uncover the evil at work in London’s Downworld.  Tessa agrees, and during her time at the Shadowhunter’s London Institute, she grows closer to those who have taken her in:  Will, the arrogant, beautiful boy who keeps everyone at a distance (sound familiar?); Jem, the silver-haired, silver-eyed boy with a mysterious secret; Jessamine, who sees her life as a Shadowhunter as an unbearable burden; Henry, the “mad scientist” of the group who is always tinkering with new inventions; and Charlotte, the head of the Institute, who is fighting for her own measure of control in a world where women must battle for a voice.

As a mysterious plot is uncovered that could destroy the Shadowhunters forever, Tessa must make some tough decisions.  Will she try to remain the girl she once was and deny her new-found powers, or will she embrace what she is?  Will she succumb to those who wish to use her abilities for evil, or will she help the Shadowhunters?  The choice may not be as simple as Tessa, or anyone else, thinks.  Tessa may even have to choose between the only family she has left and the new friends who have given her sanctuary in her time of greatest need.  What will she do?  Read Clockwork Angel to find out.

It should come as no shock to anyone that I loved this book, especially since, at some points, I was able to draw parallels to that masterpiece of cinema, the Star Wars saga.  (Mainly the original trilogy…I’ll be the first to admit that the Star Wars prequels were less than spectacular.)  Anyway, I really hope you’ll read this book as well as the Mortal Instruments series (City of Bones, City of Ashes, City of Glass, and, coming soon, City of Fallen Angels).  I just wish the next book in the Infernal Devices series, Clockwork Prince, were being released tomorrow.  I can’t wait to see where this story is going.

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One comment on “Clockwork Angel

  1. Kaden Harmon says:

    I just finished reading this book too and it is amazing.

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