Carpe Corpus

Warning:  Skip this post if you haven’t read books 1-5 in Rachel Caine’s Morganville Vampires series.  I will ruin things for you!

Well, I’ve finally finished Carpe Corpus, book six in Rachel Caine’s Morganville Vampires series.  It was pretty good.  Action-packed from start to finish with dashes of terror and romance thrown in for good measure.  Unlike the other books in the series thus far, I think Carpe Corpus is the only book that had a semi-happy ending.  Pessimist that I am, I am sure that this is leading up to some really bad things in future books.

Claire Danvers is in a bit of a predicament.  She has, against her will, become the evil minion of the baddest vampire around, Mr. Bishop.  She is compelled to do his bidding, including delivering death warrants to people she’s come to care for.  All in all, things are bad.  Her boyfriend, Shane, is locked up (again), and Claire just knows that Bishop has awful things planned for him.  Claire must try to save him, but how?  Well, there might just be a way…

Claire soon discovers that there is a resistance brewing in Morganville.  The town founder, Amelie, is organizing a rebellion against Bishop’s rule, and Claire will do whatever she can to help.  But who will really trust her?  She does Bishop’s bidding, and brings bad news wherever she goes.  Bishop’s hold on her is seemingly unbreakable.  Or is it?

A war is coming to Morganville (again), and Claire is in the middle of it (again).  Will she be able to fight for Amelie and the “good vamps,” or will Bishop’s hold on her grow stronger?  How can she possibly tell which side the people around her are on?  And can she save herself and her friends, both human and vampire,  from certain death if things go bad (or worse…as is often the case in Morganville)?  I’ll leave that for you to find out in Carpe Corpus, book six of The Morganville Vampires.

If you want more information about this series, including a resident’s guide to Morganville, short stories that add to the series, and even jewelry inspired by the characters, visit  It’s a pretty awesome site!

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