Never Cry Werewolf

My latest read, Never Cry Werewolf by Heather Davis, is probably not going to win any awards for excellence in literature, but I must admit that I enjoyed it.  It was a quick, fun read with a thoroughly relatable main character.  Her interaction with a werewolf is a little less relatable, but that’s okay.  I think this book would be excellent for reluctant readers who gravitate toward paranormal stories, and, unlike a lot of what I choose to read, Never Cry Werewolf is fine for both middle and high school readers.

Shelby has just been sent to brat camp for the summer by her distant dad and her new (and evil) stepmother.  They seem to think she has an attitude problem and a tendency to break the rules.  Shelby doesn’t know where they get this stuff.  So what if she’s broken curfew a few times or gone joyriding with the wrong guy.  It’s really not her fault.  Shelby knows her stepmother, sickeningly referred to as Honey Bun by Shelby’s dad, just wants to rid herself of an unwanted stepdaughter over the summer.  Whatever.  How bad can it be?

Shelby’s time at Camp Crescent doesn’t really get off to a stellar start.  She begins her summer by sneaking off to help some guys who are seemingly lost in the woods.  The problem is that she’s already breaking the rules.  Does she have good intentions?  Sure.  Is she frustrated that no one else is doing anything?  Absolutely.  Is one of the guys a hot British guy?  You betcha.  When Shelby and the guys finally make their way out of the woods, with the help of a camp counselor with GPS (who knew?), Shelby finds herself being punished before she makes it through the camp gates.  She’s not exactly making a great first impression.

But that may not be entirely true.  Shelby has impressed the hot British guy, Austin Bridges III, fellow camp attendee and the son of  a famous rock star.  They become friends, and, eventually, Austin trusts Shelby enough to tell her his big, bad secret:  He’s a werewolf.  (I’m sure that was obvious based on the title of the book.  If it wasn’t obvious…well, I really don’t know what to tell you.)  At first, Shelby doesn’t believe Austin, but things begin to happen that quickly make her a believer.  How can Shelby possibly have a relationship with this wonderful, sensitive, gorgeous guy who turns hairy and ferocious during the full moon?  She’s terrified of Austin but strangely drawn to him at the same time.  He’s the only one who understands her, and she’s the only person he trusts with his secret.  Can their friendship survive the summer and all the obstacles facing them?  Can this friendship become something more?  Read Never Cry Werewolf by Heather Davis to find out.

Never Cry Werewolf is kind of a weird combination of Little Red Riding Hood, Beauty and the Beast, and the relationship between Jacob and Bella in the Twilight books.  That’s a good thing.  The book is not incredibly deep, but it’s fun, and it does draw attention to the fact that everyone has secrets.  Some are just bigger (and scarier) than others.  This book also highlights the idea of really taking responsibility for one’s actions, something that is sadly lacking in today’s society.

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