Forgive My Fins

I was first introduced to the work of author Tera Lynn Childs when I read Oh. My. Gods.  (Great book, by the way.)  Ever since, I’ve been a fan.  Her writing is hilariously funny, and it tends to grab me from the very first page.  Her latest book, Forgive My Fins, is no exception.  In this book, Childs moves her attention from Greek mythology to mermaids (though there is some reference to Poseidon and others).  This book is a definite winner for me.  I was charmed by all of the nautical slang the main character used.  I may start using some of it myself.  (I really liked substituting the word “carp” for “crap.”  It’s not much of a stretch if you’ve ever eaten carp.  Yuck.)  Anyway, Forgive My Fins is a great piece of fantasy fiction, and female readers will really eat it up.  I think of it as a wonderful mash-up of The Little Mermaid and The Princess Diaries.

At first glance, Lily Sanderson would seem like your typical high school student.  She’s uncoordinated, doesn’t really pay attention in class, and has a major crush on a guy who barely notices her.  But Lily Sanderson has a secret.  She’s a mermaid.  She’s not just any mermaid, either.  She’s the heir to the underwater kingdom of Thalassinia, and she has just a few weeks to find her mermate or she’ll lose her claim to the throne.  It really shouldn’t be a problem, though.  She has the perfect guy all picked out–Brody Bennett.  He’s cute, he’s popular, and he loves to swim.  Now, she just has to get up the nerve to have a conversation with him.

Lily has everything all planned out.  She’ll confess her love to Brody, tell him she’s a mermaid, and they’ll live happily ever after under the sea.  Well, that might have worked if not for one little complication…her neighbor and nemesis, Quince Fletcher.  Instead of meeting Brody in the library at the school dance, Lily meets–and kisses–Quince.  (Actually, he kissed her, but that’s really beside the point.)  No big deal, right?  Um, wrong.  You see, when a merperson kisses someone, a bond forms, a permanent bond that can only be broken by the king…who you may remember is Lily’s dad.

Lily is now faced with telling Quince the truth about what is going on, especially the fact that he’s turning into a merman.  The two journey to Thalassinia to have their bond severed, but things don’t really go quite the way Lily envisioned.  Her father isn’t quick to break the bond between Lily and Quince, and Quince is showing signs that he wouldn’t mind being with Lily on a permanent basis.  What’s a mermaid to do?  Should she break the bond and go after Brody, her “true love?”  Should she stay with Quince, a guy who’s tormented her for the past three years?  How can she possibly cope with all of the mixed-up feelings roiling around inside of her?  It’s just too much to take, and Lily is going out of her flipping mind.  Find out what becomes of Lily and the gang when you read Forgive My Fins by Tera Lynn Childs.

I must say again that I really enjoyed this book.  I was a very light, quick read, and anyone who ever loved The Little Mermaid will enjoy Forgive My Fins.  I can’t wait to see what happens in the sequel, Fins are Forever, due out in the summer of 2011.  For more information on Tera Lynn Childs and her wonderful books, visit

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