Bad Girls Don’t Die

You know you’re a wuss when you can only read a moderately scary book in daylight hours.  I am that wuss.  I started reading Bad Girls Don’t Die by Katie Alender on Thursday before the Harry Potter premiere, and it became clear fairly early that I would not be able to read this book at night or when I was alone.  Since I live by myself, this posed a bit of a problem.  I confined my reading of this book to daylight hours and had to find something a bit lighter to read during the evenings.  (Fortunately, this was not difficult.)  Anyhoo, I’ve finally finished this book, and, quite honestly, I’m glad to be done with it.  I love fantasy books, but when you throw possessed children and evil dolls at me, I kind of lose it.  My imagination is a bit too overactive to handle stuff like that.  Maybe you’ll do better than I did.

Alexis is not popular, and she really doesn’t want to be.  She has no friends, and she spends most of her free time pursuing her love of photography.  She and her family live in one of the creepiest old houses in their town, but Alexis doesn’t mind since the house is the perfect subject for her photographs.  When things begin to get weird with Alexis’ little sister, Kasey, however, Alexis’ feelings about the house start to change.

Alexis knows that something is seriously wrong with her sister.  Kasey is not the girl she once was.  She is obsessed with dolls, she can’t remember long stretches of time, and one minute she’s a scared little girl, and the next she’s eerily confident.  Alexis begins to investigate Kasey’s behavior and discovers that this may not be the first time a person has been changed while in this house.  What is going on?  Alexis is determined to figure it out, but she must go to some unlikely sources for help (namely the head cheerleader, one of her “enemies”).  Can she discover the truth before her sister is beyond all hope?  What is causing the changes in Kasey’s behavior and the mysterious happenings in the house?  It is up to Alexis to find out before she, her sister, or anyone else is hurt…or worse.  Read Bad Girls Don’t Die by Katie Alender to uncover the truth.

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