Knight Reader is pleased to bring you the first book in yet another dystopian trilogy, Delirium by Lauren Oliver.  Dystopian fiction is hot right now, but I think this new series is unlike any you may have come across before.  In the world Lauren Oliver has envisioned, love is considered a disease, and if one wants to be part of society, one must be cured of this sickness, known as amor deliria nervosa.  Can you even imagine a world without love?  Well, Oliver has in this gripping book, and it’s a sobering look at what the world could be like without love–and all those other messy emotions–in it.

Lena is looking forward to receiving the cure.  She’s seen first hand what the sickness can do to people, and she wants no part of it.  She wants to be matched up with her government-approved mate, given her government-approved job, live where the government tells her, and have the life she’s told she should have.  She doesn’t want to end up like her mother–driven to suicide by the disease, amor deliria nervosa, better known as love.  Lena is already considered something of an outcast because of her mother’s actions.  Now, she just wants to be normal…and she’s only ninety-five days from the procedure that will cure her of any desire to love.

A lot can happen in ninety-five days.  Lena can learn more than she ever wanted to know about the government and society that supposedly protects her.  She can taste a little freedom.  She can rebel.  She can fall in love.  That’s right.  Just weeks before she is schedule to be “cured,” Lena meets a boy who changes how she sees everything.  He opens her eyes to what’s really going on around her, and Lena realizes how truly powerful–and dangerous–love can be and how far one might be willing to go to keep it.

But how can Lena hope to live with love in her life?  Nearly every aspect of her existence is controlled by the government and those who think emotion leads to war, crime, and resistance.  She knows any rebellion, no matter how minor, is met with severe and cruel punishment.  Is she strong enough to break free from everything she’s known, every expectation she’s ever had for her life, no matter what the consequences may be?  What will she do for love?  What would you do?  Read Delirium by Lauren Oliver to discover how love can be both the worst kind of insanity and the ultimate salvation.

I first picked up this book because I loved Before I Fall, Lauren Oliver’s previous novel.  Even though Delirium was totally different from Before I Fall, the writer’s talent comes through in both books.  I cared about the characters, I was engrossed in both the plot and setting, and I was eager to turn the page.  I can’t wait to read more from this wonderfully talented author, and I’m thrilled that Delirium is just the first book in a series (which is kind of a relief considering how the book ended).  I’m not sure yet when the second book will be out, but you can be sure that I will be on the lookout.

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One comment on “Delirium

  1. Mickey says:

    I’m almost finished with Delirium. I don’t know, maybe I’m “cured” because I’m not loving this book. The writing is beautiful, but there’s too much of it. Everything feels overly described. Too many words, not enough interesting things happening.

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