The Unwritten Rule

Sometimes I amaze even myself.  In the past two days, I have finished three novels.  Yes, that’s right–THREE!  I even took time out to do laundry, wash dishes, clean my house a little, and have a wonderful birthday dinner with my family.  How did I do it all, you ask?  I have no idea, but I hope to make a habit of it.  (It helps that I am single, live alone, and have no one–other than my mother–telling me what to do.  It’s nice.)

Anyway, my third book this weekend was one of my fastest reads.  It took me less than four hours to read.  The book is The Unwritten Rule by Elizabeth Scott, and I think I was so engrossed in the book because I totally identified with the main character.  Let’s dive in…

There is one unwritten rule for girls:  You cannot like your best friend’s boyfriend.  Not even if you liked him before they got together.  Not if he seems to like you more than her.  Not even if you’re still in love with him.  This is what Sarah is going through.  She’s been friends with dynamic and popular Brianna since they were five, but Brianna is dating the guy Sarah has loved since the eighth grade.  Sarah knows her feelings for Ryan are wrong, but she can’t seem to stop herself, especially when Ryan begins to give her signals that he’s always wanted Sarah, not Brianna.

Sarah is confused and guilt-ridden, but she can’t stop the elation she feels when she thinks that Ryan may actually prefer her to Brianna, the gorgeous, confident, beautiful girl that everyone seems to go nuts over.  How is it possible?  She’s nothing special.  But she may be to Ryan.  When Sarah and Ryan share a forbidden moment, things get more confusing than ever for Sarah.  How can she be with Ryan when she knows it will hurt her best friend?  And how can she watch as Brianna tries desperately to hang onto Ryan?  Is there any way to resolve this bitter love triangle without someone getting hurt?  Dive into the drama when you read The Unwritten Rule by Elizabeth Scott.

Like I mentioned, I identified with the character of Sarah.  I, too, broke the unwritten rule when I was in high school.  I liked my best friend’s boyfriend.  (He didn’t like me back, but that’s another story for another day.)  I felt so guilty when they were going out, but I still wanted to be around him.  It was extremely painful, so I could relate to Sarah’s angst that seemed to pour off the pages of this book.  I could also relate to having a friend that seems to delight in making you feel bad about yourself.  I hated the character of Brianna because she reminded me so strongly of a couple of my so-called “friends” from my youth.  (Adolescence wasn’t exactly pleasant for me.)

Anyhoo, I think The Unwritten Rule is a great book, even though Sarah does tend to repeat herself a bit…but I think that’s indicative of how teenagers in love really think.  They obsess over everything, and the smallest change in their world could mean the end of life as they know it.  I’ve been there.  It’s exhausting.

If you would like more information about The Unwritten Rule or any other books by author Elizabeth Scott, please visit

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