The Chaos

Spoiler alert!!!  Before proceeding with this post, read Num8ers by Rachel Ward.  Although this sequel can stand alone, your reading experience will only be enhanced if you know some of the back story provided in Num8ers.

About a year ago, I read Num8ers by Rachel Ward.  I was fascinated by the book’s concept, and, when I heard that there would be two more books, I was super excited.  Well, I just finished reading the second book in this series, The Chaos, and let me tell you that this book was well worth the wait.  I think it’s even better than the previous book, and I look forward to seeing how things progress in the third book, Infinity.

The events in The Chaos take place roughly sixteen years after the end of Num8ers.  The year is 2026.

Adam inherited his mother’s curse of seeing the date of a person’s death when he looks into his/her eyes.  But his ability comes with a twist.  Adam can also see how the person will die–if it will be peaceful, brutal, quiet, or violent.  This curse is quickly driving him mad, especially when it becomes clear that a lot of people in London are going die very soon…on January 1st, 2027, just a few short months away.  The deaths will not be peaceful.  They will be full of pain, violence, fire, and fear.  Is there anything Adam can do to stop what is sure to come?  Will anyone even listen to him?

Sarah is a young girl with problems of her own.  She is pregnant and scared, even moreso when she first sees Adam at school.  She’s seen him before…in her worst nightmares.  They’re in a blazing fire, and he’s taking her baby away from her.  Sarah knows she must run away from the threat she feels when she looks at Adam and the abuse she faced at home that led to her current situation.  But where will she go?  How can a fifteen-year-old mother survive with no money, no food, and no home?  And can Sarah figure out what Adam has to do with her future before nightmare turns to reality?

As these two tortured teens battle demons no child or adult should face, their paths become entwined.  There is fear of both the known and unknown in their eyes, but they know that something bad is about to happen.  Can they work together to stop the chaos and save those they love, or will fate decide that their numbers are up?  Find out when you read The Chaos, book two in the Num8ers series, by Rachel Ward.

I haven’t even scratched the surface of everything that happens in this book.  You’ll just have to read it and discover the awesomeness for yourself.  There is some adult content and language, so this book (and the one preceding it) may not be appropriate for younger readers.  I am eagerly anticipating the U.S. release of the third book in this trilogy, Infinity.  I think it’s going to be released in the U.K. this week, but I’m not sure yet when we can expect it here in the States.

For more information on the Num8ers series and author Rachel Ward, visit

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