Geek Magnet

It should come as no surprise to anyone that I am a geek.  Always have been, always will be.  I embrace my geekhood and everything that comes with it.  Others, however, do not appreciate how awesome it is to be a nerd, geek, dork, or various other names I’ve been called over the years.  The main character in Geek Magnet by Kieran Scott is also unappreciative of the geeks around her.  In fact, she’d like nothing more than being completely left alone by all of the nerdy guys who seem to gravitate toward her.  Well, she may just get her wish…

KJ is the stage manager of her school’s upcoming production of the musical Grease.  That’s a big job, but it’s not the only thing she’s dealing with.  She’s got a major crush on the most popular guy in school, Cameron.  She’s afraid to go home every day because she doesn’t want to face life with her alcoholic father.  And she’s the object of adoration of every geeky guy in the school.  Something’s got to give before KJ completely loses it.

When popular girl Tama Gold makes KJ her special project, it seems that things might finally change for the better.  KJ begins to tell people what she really thinks.  Granted, she’s being a complete witch most of the time, but how else is she supposed to get her point across?  The geeks are finally giving her some space, and Cameron is taking notice.  Sure, KJ is losing a couple of friends, but that’s a small price to pay for popularity, right?  KJ even tells her dad how she feels about his drinking.  All the anger she’s been bottling up begins to pour out, and KJ has never felt lighter.

But does KJ (or anyone else) like the person she’s becoming?  What happened to the nice girl who loved her friends and respected those around her?  Is there any way for KJ to mix her new, confident self with the sweet girl she used to be?  And what will happen when KJ’s life at home takes a total nosedive?  Where will her popular friends be?  What if her true friends were really the geeks she pushed away?  Who will really be there when things get rough?

Join KJ on her journey of self-discovery when you read Geek Magnet by Kieran Scott.  And remember–“The geek shall inherit the earth.”

I have to say that Geek Magnet had more serious moments than I initially expected.  Those moments helped to create depth in the character of KJ, who was a bit shallow at times.  The book was a little on the predictable side, but that’s okay.  It’s a light, fun read that will really appeal to all of the Gleeks out there.  The ending was satisfying and showed that KJ learned something throughout the course of the book.  Not all of her issues were resolved, but she learned to embrace her true self and the people who she could really count on.

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