Spell Bound

If you haven’t read the first two books in Rachel Hawkins’ Hex Hall trilogy (Hex Hall and Demonglass), do that before reading this post.  If the title of the post didn’t clue you in, I’ll be talking about the third book in this series, Spell Bound, and it will be very spoilery if you haven’t read the previous books.  This will be your only warning!

I love sarcastic characters—in movies, TV shows, and, most especially, books.  Sarcasm is my first language, so I enjoy characters who share that characteristic.  If you’re familiar with the Hex Hall series at all, you probably know that Sophie Mercer has a special place in my heart.  She is so delightfully sarcastic that it can be kind of difficult to determine if/when she’s actually being serious.  (A problem I also have from time to time.)  Even when the entire world is about to explode around her, she faces nearly everything with a joke, witticism, or snarky remark.  I like that.  I wish I had been more like her as a teenager (except for the whole being-a-demon thing) instead of waiting until early adulthood to let my sarcastic side out to play.  I think I would have had a lot more fun.

Sophie Mercer was just getting used to being a demon (if that’s even possible) when her powers were bound inside of her.  She can’t use them at the moment, and that’s not exactly a good thing.  If she could, she might be able to figure out what’s happened to her dad (who’s been totally stripped of his powers), her boyfriend Archer (who’s part of an organization that wants to destroy supernatural creatures—kind of a mood-killer), her vampire best friend Jenna, and her fiancé Cal.  (Never let it be said that Sophie’s life is uncomplicated.)  She’s also got to worry about the evil Casnoff witches who seem determined to create a demon army.  Add to that, Sophie has just found herself immersed in the Brannick compound.  Sophie’s been taught that the Brannicks want to kill her kind, but that may not necessarily be true.  If it were, would her mother be one of them?

The Brannicks know that war is coming to all Prodigium (magic folk), and Sophie may be their only hope to win the war.  But how can that be true when her powers are locked inside of her?  Well, there may be a way to “unleash the beast,” so to speak.  Unfortunately, it involves going back to Hex Hall, something that may be a bit more difficult that they had hoped…or easier, depending on your point of view.  When Sophie, Archer, Jenna, and Cal are mysteriously transported back to Hex Hall, they know that something is majorly wrong.  The question is what can they do about it?  Magic is not working against the protections the Casnoffs have placed around the school, so what hope do they have of breaking such powerful spells?  (Hint:  A sarcastic-in-her-own-right ghost will lead the charge.)

Sophie and company will do whatever it takes to stop the Casnoffs from turning their classmates into demons, even if it means entering the Underworld itself.  They’ll receive help from unexpected sources, but will it be enough?  Does Sophie have the power to stop this war before everything—and everyone—she loves is sucked into the abyss?  And can she figure out her love life somewhere along the way?  Read Spell Bound, the trilling conclusion in Rachel Hawkins’ Hex Hall trilogy, to find out!

If you love heroines who kick major butt and manage to say all the stuff you wish you could say, you’ll love Sophie Mercer and the entire Hex Hall trilogy.  I found Sophie even more delightful in this book than in the first two.  In fact, my new favorite phrase is probably “holy hell weasel.”  (Just rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it?)  Sophie’s story was wrapped up rather nicely in Spell Bound, but it may not be the last time we see her.  There are some rumors of a spin-off series, so I can only hope that we’ll see more of the fabulous Sophie Mercer—and the hotness that is Archer—in the future.

Until we see Sophie again, we can learn more about author Rachel Hawkins, the Hex Hall trilogy, and future books, at http://readingwritingrachel.blogspot.com/.  You can also “like” the Hex Hall trilogy on Facebook, and follow the author on Twitter @LadyHawkins.

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