Awake at Dawn

Caution:  Read Born at Midnight, the first book in C.C. Hunter’s Shadow Falls series, before continuing.  (And if it’s been, say, a year and a half since you read book one, you might want to reread a bit to refresh your memory.  Take my word on this.)

If it’s not apparent from the above warning, I read Born at Midnight about a year and a half ago while on a trip with my dad to Indianapolis.  (We were going to see the Colts—namely Peyton Manning—play the Jacksonville Jaguars.  It should go without saying that we are now planning to see the Denver Broncos play somebody.)  Since I was reading an ARC of this first book in the Shadow Falls series, I knew I’d have a long wait before I read book two.  Well, as often happens, life—and other books—got in the way, and I didn’t make time to read book two, Awake at Dawn, until this week.  (Luckily, I don’t have to wait for book three, Taken at Dusk.  It’s already out.)  Anyway, life continued to get in the way this week.  Thanks to meetings, lawn care, and being completely exhausted from dealing with the end of the school year (we only have one week left), it took me the entire week to read Awake at Dawn.  (For those who know me, it is rare for it to take longer than a few days to finish a book.  I read Mockingjay in eleven hours.)  Part of my problem was also that I couldn’t remember what happened in the first book, so I had to spend a little time skimming through Born at Midnight.  Even then, it was hard for me to get immediately invested in what was happening in Awake at Dawn.  Eventually, the story managed to suck me in, and I couldn’t wait to turn the next page.

Kylie Galen doesn’t know what she is, but she does know that her “gifts” are not normal, even among the supernaturals at Shadow Falls Camp.  She communicates with ghosts, which freaks out the other campers—which happen to include witches, vampires, werewolves, ghosts, and shapeshifters.  One of the ghosts that visits Kylie is telling her that someone she loves will die if she doesn’t do something, so Kylie has to figure out the ghost’s cryptic messages while dealing with the craziness that has invaded her own life.

In addition to dealing with her father (who is a ghost), her mom and step-dad splitting up, her roommates (a moody vampire and a rather absent-minded witch), a best friend who is growing more distant by the day, and her own insecurities about her supernatural abilities, Kylie also has problems with her love life.  (Doesn’t everyone?)  Derek is part Fairy and has been a calming presence in Kylie’s life while everything else seems to fall apart.  Lucas is a werewolf who skipped town with a she-wolf but still manages to invade Kylie’s dreams.  Kylie’s head is telling her that Derek is the one she should be with, but her heart is a bit more confused.  When she learns that Lucas—and the horrible you-know-what he left with—are returning to Shadow Falls, Kylie is more conflicted than ever.  She knows she must follow her heart, but she doesn’t want to hurt anyone…including herself.

While Kylie’s love life is in turmoil, her actual life may be in danger.  She senses that someone has been watching and following her, but she can’t get a real grasp on why anyone would be interested in harming her…or worse.  When she finally realizes who—or what—is on her trail, it may be too late to save herself or even the people she cares about the most.

Will Kylie be able to save herself and those closest to her?  Will she ever figure out who she is and where she really comes from?  Can Kylie choose between Derek and Lucas, two great guys who both mean so much to her?  Will her life ever be normal again?  Uncover the truth when you read Awake at Dawn, the second book in C.C. Hunter’s Shadow Falls series.

Like I mentioned above, it took me a while to get into this sequel.  In fact, the action didn’t really pick up until I was about halfway through the book.  After that, things positively flew by, and it didn’t take me very long to finish the second half.  And I’m so invested in the characters now that one of my next reads will be book three, Taken at Dusk.  I’m really interested to see where these characters will be taken next…especially considering how things ended with some of them in Awake at Dawn.

For even more from the world of Shadow Falls, you can check out a special eBook short story, Turned at Dark, which tells more about Della Tsang, Kylie’s vampire roommate.  (I just got my very first Nook, so I’ll be adding this one to my library.)  In addition to the third book, Taken at Dusk, which is already out, there will be a fourth book, Whispers at Moonrise, and it’s scheduled for an October 2nd release.

If you’d like to learn more about C.C. Hunter and her Shadow Falls novels, visit

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