Today is a big day for Knight Reader.  It’s my four year blogoversary!  Yay for me!  (My mom is making a very special celebratory dinner.  She’s awesome.)  Also, I’ve just finished my 40th book of the summer and my 183rd book of the year.  I’m halfway to my yearly goal of reading 366 books!  Another yay for me!  Well, I guess that’s enough of tooting my own horn.  Let’s get to the real reason you’re here…

If you haven’t already read the first four books in Lauren Kate’s Fallen series (Fallen, Torment, Passion, and Fallen in Love), you really should…particularly if you plan to keep reading this post.  I just finished the final book in the series, Rapture, and I will spoil things for you big-time if you haven’t read the previous books.  You’ve been warned!

For those that haven’t been living under a rock (especially when it comes to YA literature), you know that angels are huge right now, and I think a lot of that started with Lauren Kate’s Fallen series.  I know I have been completely captivated by this love story that exceeded the bounds of Heaven itself.  Throughout four books, I desperately wanted to see Lucinda and Daniel find some way to break the curse that was destined to keep them apart.  Well, the final book in the series, Rapture, offered some degree of hope.  At the very least, I knew that this story would bring me (and lots of other readers) closure, but I wasn’t sure if I would be satisfied with it.  I shouldn’t have worried.  Even though there were some pretty large surprises–and a couple of heartbreaking losses–I thought Rapture met every expectation I had regarding the conclusion to this series.  I hope you’ll agree.

Luce and Daniel are once again faced with an end to the love that holds them together.  Only this time, the very fabric of time and space could also be ripped apart.  They, along with their friends and allies, have nine days to stop Lucifer from erasing all of human history and taking everything back to when the angels fell from Heaven.  To do this, they have to find the place where the angels fell, but they have no idea where that is.  A few ancient relics may help to unravel the mystery…but they don’t know where those are either.  To top it all off, forces from both sides in the battle between Lucifer and the Throne are trying to stop Luce and Daniel from succeeding in their mission.  It’s difficult to know who to trust, but Daniel and Luce will have to take some risks if they have any hope of saving their love and the world as they know it.

As Daniel, Luce, and friends go on the hunt for the relics that will lead them to their ultimate destination, Luce is remembering more and more about her past lives.  She gets glimpses of a life so far back that she’s convinced she’s only dreaming.  But this is no dream.  As events unfold, and the end of days draws ever nearer, Luce realizes her own importance in what is happening.  She remembers so much more than she ever has before, and she knows it is up to her to save everything…herself, Daniel, the world.  To do this, though, she’ll have to face a truth more unsettling and horrifying than any she’s ever dealt with before…a truth that will change her view of Heaven, herself, and her relationship with Daniel.  For it seems that Daniel was not Luce’s first love… 

Everything that’s happened, every tragedy that has befallen Luce and Daniel, stems from a curse placed on Luce’s shoulders.  Luce must face the one who first held her heart in order to finally have a life with the one who will hold it forever.  Only this can stop the complete erasure of time.  But will it be enough?  Will she finally make everyone realize that love should triumph above all else?  And what price will she and Daniel have to pay to finally be together?  In a battle between Heaven and hell, Luce must decide if she’s willing to risk everything for a love that transcends everything…even Heaven itself.  Read Rapture, the outstanding conclusion to Lauren Kate’s Fallen saga, to discover how one girl’s knowledge of herself–and her own heart–could be the entire world’s ultimate salvation.

I hope I haven’t given too much away here.  This book held so many surprises that I’m still reeling a little bit, and I don’t want to take that feeling away from anyone else.  When I first started reading this book, I was a little worried about where the story would take Luce and Daniel.  I’ve been anxious through four books already, and I knew this one would be no different.  My anxiety only increased as I read Rapture, but I can say with total honesty that I am totally satisfied with how the book ended.  Yes, there are some threads that are not neatly tied up, and that’s okay.  (It gives me hope for more stories with these characters I’ve come to love.)  The basic story received the closure it needed.  I won’t tell you how things wrapped up.  You’ll need to experience this journey on your own.  I hope you’ll appreciate both journey and destination as much as I have.

For more information on Lauren Kate and her captivating Fallen saga, visit her website at http://laurenkatebooks.net/, the Fallen fan page on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/FallenNovels, or follow Lauren on Twitter @laurenkatebooks.

Finally, check out this amazing book trailer for Rapture from Random House Australia.  If I haven’t convinced you to read this awesome book (and the rest of the Fallen series), this should do the trick!  Enjoy!

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