Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy

Read I’d Tell You I Love You, But Then I’d Have to Kill You before proceeding. That is all.

As you’ve no doubt gathered, I finished reading the second book in Ally Carter’s Gallagher Girls series, Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy. This book takes readers even deeper into the world of Cammie Morgan and the Gallagher Academy for Exceptional Young Women. Cammie is still trying to get over the events of book one, but something’s about to happen that will rock her world more than she ever could have realized. It seems that the Gallagher Academy is not exactly the only school of its kind…

One would think that nothing could get past a girl who is training to be a spy. Well, one would be wrong. Cammie Morgan is about to learn just how wrong. After a mess of an assignment with her CoveOps (Covert Operations) class, Cammie comes face to face with a reality that she never really expected. She thought that the Gallagher Academy was the only game in town when it came to training future spies. Not so. There is another spy school–the Blackthorne Institute–that trains would-be agents of espionage. The biggest difference between these schools? Blackthorne is spy school for…boys. (Insert horrified gasp here.)

Not only are the boys of Blackthorne training to be spies, but, this semester, their training will take place at the Gallagher Academy. This definitely puts a wrinkle in Cammie’s plans to stay out of trouble. After all, doesn’t trouble sort of follow a bunch of guys who are trained in the art of deception? (For the sake of fairness, this also applies to the Gallagher Girls.) What’s a girl to do then? Well, Cammie and her friends will do what they do best–spy. They’ll gather all of the information they possibly can about their new guests. But what will happen when the girls learn that the boys may just have a few tricks up their sleeves as well?

Cammie isn’t totally prepared for all of the changes happening at the Gallagher Academy at present…especially those revolving around a Blackthorne boy named Zach. How is Cammie supposed to become a world-class spy when, yet again, a boy is getting under her skin and muddling her brain? Never mind that this boy, unlike her ex-boyfriend Josh, knows more about Cammie’s life than she could ever reveal to someone outside of her secretive world.

But when something happens that threatens the Gallagher Academy’s very existence, will Cammie be able to trust in her tentative friendship with Zach and the other Blackthorne boys? Or will she and the other girls have to use every tool in their arsenal to bring down what should have been potential allies?

What exactly is going on at the Gallagher Academy, and can Cammie figure everything out before everyone’s secrets are exposed? The truth will be revealed when you read Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy by Ally Carter!


This second installment in the Gallagher Girls series was just as entertaining as the first book. It’s not a terribly deep read, but it definitely kept me entertained and eager for more. (It’s a nice bit of brain candy!)

I think, just based on the two books I’ve read so far, that this series is a great fit for both middle and high school readers. It’s fun, light-hearted, and might just inspire girls to do a little more with their time than obsess about makeup, boys, or the exploits of celebrities (most of whom are famous for stupid crap). Then again, judging by how the Gallagher Girls reacted when boys entered their world, maybe these spies-in-training aren’t so different from regular girls. Something to ponder there.

Book #3 in this series is Don’t Judge a Girl By Her Cover, and I hope to read it later this week. (We’ll see how it goes. With other books to read, a new niece, household chores, grocery shopping, and–you know–a job, it might be difficult to fit it in.)

Now…on to my next book!

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