Stolen: A Letter to My Captor

As you can probably surmise from the title of my latest read, Stolen: A Letter to My Captor, this is not a light and fluffy read. This 2011 Printz Honor Book by Lucy Christopher is exactly what it seems. It’s a letter a girl writes to the man who kidnapped her.

We’ve probably all seen stories about abducted people on the news, and the people who take them usually have a certain look about them. I hate to stereotype, but the photos we see on the news tend to depict crazy-eyed, dirty, bearded, white men who, truthfully, look the part. And that’s where this story differs.

When Gemma first sees Ty in a Bangkok airport, she finds him both familiar and attractive. And this blue-eyed, blond, muscled guy seems oddly interested in her. Gemma couldn’t possibly know that he’s been following her for years or that he’s planned to drug her, disguise her, and take her to live in the desolate Australian Outback.

But that’s exactly what happens, and Gemma doesn’t know how to handle her new and frightening circumstances. She tries to escape in a number of ways, but there’s no hope of rescue. She’s stuck with Ty, and he wants to keep her forever.

As days pass, Gemma longs to return to London, her parents, and her old life, but she also learns more about the desert that her captor has chosen for their home. She learns more about Ty. He has a volatile temper and a tragic past, but Gemma realizes that there’s also something gentle about him. He’s promised not to hurt her, and, to a certain degree, she believes him.

Gemma eventually grows somewhat resigned to her circumstances, but what will happen when a terrifying event forces a life or death decision?

Will Ty release Gemma in order to spare her more pain? What will his decision mean for him…and for Gemma? Can Gemma go back to her old self after this ordeal has changed her so much? How does she truly feel about Ty after being isolated with him for so long?

Answer these questions and many more when you read Stolen: A Letter to My Captor by Lucy Christopher.

Stolen is gritty, raw, maddening, and nearly impossible to put down. I had to keep reading to see just why Ty took Gemma. What connection could they have possibly had that would put such an idea into his head? While that could have been fleshed out a bit more, it was definitely an interesting revelation.

I do think that Gemma’s growing affections for Ty could also have been explored a bit more. At the end of the book, it’s pretty clear that she’s got a case of Stockholm Syndrome, but the build-up to that was kind of abrupt, in my opinion. All of a sudden, Gemma wants Ty by her side when she’s been desperately trying to escape him for the majority of the book. It just didn’t ring completely true for me. Maybe I’m alone in that. Then again, maybe not.

Even with a couple of minor gripes, I enjoyed this book. It had been sitting on my Kindle for a while, and I’m not totally sure what made me start reading it, but I’m glad I did. I think young adult readers looking for something a little different will like this book. (It’s been out several years, so I’m sure lots of teens already like it.)

For more information about Stolen and Lucy Christopher, visit the author’s website. You can also follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

Now, dear readers, I am going to sign off for a while. I’ll be spending the next week at the beach, and I don’t know that I’ll have a ton of time to check in here. (I do plan to do a ton of reading, though!)

Until we meet again…